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Smarter Uniforms is committed to promoting affordable and sustainable school uniforms throughout the city of Brighton and Hove. We believe that reusing pre-loved clothing is one of the most environmentally responsible ways to dress. By extending the lifespan of clothing by just nine months, we can significantly reduce its environmental impact while also saving families money.

Our mission is to provide a marketplace where parents and carers can buy and sell unwanted and outgrown school uniforms at a fraction of the cost of new. We understand that school uniforms are durable and made to last, but children outgrow them quickly. Our marketplace offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying new uniforms.

We believe that access to affordable school uniforms is essential for all families, particularly during times of rising inflation and economic uncertainty. By promoting the reuse of clothing, we aim to make school uniforms more accessible and sustainable for all. Join us in our mission to reduce waste, save money, and support families across our city.

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Making uniforms more affordable

At Smarter Uniforms, we understand that purchasing school uniforms and sports kits for children can be a significant expense for families, with the average parent spending £326 per child per year. This expense can be even more challenging for families with multiple children. We believe that parents should have access to affordable options when it comes to school uniforms.

That's why we've created a marketplace where parents can both sell and shop for second-hand uniforms. By doing so, parents can save money and improve their family's financial health. At the same time, parents can ensure that high-quality school uniforms are kept in circulation for longer, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Protecting our planet's natural resources.

In the UK, a staggering £140 million worth of clothing is discarded each year, with 300,000 tonnes of clothes ending up in landfills. Shockingly, many of these clothes still have a significant amount of life left in them. Children outgrow their clothes at a much faster rate, which means that buying pre-loved items is a great way to save money and help the environment by conserving natural resources.

Thankfully, initiatives like Smarter Uniforms are doing their part to reduce textile waste. In the past three years, Smarter Uniforms has prevented over 11,500 uniforms from being sent to landfills.

We hate waste and love helping avoid it!

Fundraising for our local schools

Reusing uniforms not only saves money for parents but also benefits the environment by conserving valuable resources. Clothes that are used for just nine more months can make a significant impact.

Smarter Uniforms is dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. With profits from uniform sales, we have fundraised over £5,000 for local schools. We will continue to support schools through our marketplace sales, which allow us to cover our costs and generate a small commission for fundraising.

If your school is not currently on our list, please don't hesitate to contact us below.

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